Secrets of cold storage board installation skills

Update:24 Dec 2021

The installation skills of cold storage panels are reve […]

The installation skills of cold storage panels are revealed, mainly from the installation of wall panels and the installation of top panels. The specific installation skills are as follows:

  Wall panel installation

   1. The installation of wall panels should start from the corner. According to the layout diagram, transport the two boards at the corners that need to be installed to the installation site. According to the height of the board beam and the type of the angle iron fixing the mushroom-head nylon bolts, drill a hole at the corresponding elevation in the middle of the board width. The electric drill should be the same when drilling. The board surface is vertical, and mushroom-head nylon bolts should be put in the holes (the nylon bolt body and mushroom-head should be covered with sealing paste), and the angle irons should be tightened. When wall panels are erected, foam and other soft materials should be placed on the floor grooves in contact with the library panels to prevent damage to the library panels. After the two corner wall panels are erected from the floor grooves, the wall panels should be adjusted in time according to the position of the line. The plane position and the verticality of the library board, and check whether the top elevation of the wall board is correct (it needs to be checked from beginning to end). After the position of the wallboard is correct, weld the angle iron to the slab beam, and fix the inner and outer corners (a sealant paste should be applied to the contact between the inner sides of the two sides of the corner plate and the library board). When welding angle iron parts, the corner iron parts of the warehouse plate should be covered with a shield to prevent the high temperature of electric welding from damaging the warehouse plate and welding slag splashing on the warehouse plate during arc welding.

  2. After installing the two wall panels at the corner, start to install the next wall panel along the direction of the corner. Before installing the next wallboard, apply two coats of white sealing paste in the convex grooves or grooves of the library board on the ground (the sealing paste should be applied to the corners of the convex grooves or grooves of the library board). The sealing paste in the groove should have a certain height, and should be dense, continuous and uniform. The installation method is the same as the first wallboard.

  3. Use a hammer to hit the square wood cushioned on the polyurethane warehouse board between the two warehouse boards to make the board and the board close together. The wallboard and the wallboard are wedged tightly with two sets of connectors. The two sets of connectors are respectively fixed on the upper and lower sides of the gap between the wallboard and the wallboard. Cover the connecting piece. The gap between the board and the board should be kept at about 3mm wide after wedging with the connector. If it does not meet the nuclear requirements, remove the board, trim the board edge, and then reinstall it to make the board gap meet the requirements. When fixing the connecting piece, pay attention to fixing the two parts of a set of connecting pieces on the edges of the convex and concave two warehouse boards respectively, and fix them with φ5X13 rivets. The distance between the connecting pieces should be able to tighten the two warehouse boards. When wedging the wedge iron, the hammer and the wedge iron should be kept perpendicular to avoid damage to the library board. The wedge irons on the upper and lower parts should be wedge tight at the same time, and the wedge iron should be fixed with rivets.

Secrets of cold storage board installation skills

  The installation of the top plate

   1. Before installing the top plate, the T-shaped iron for the ceiling should be installed according to the drawings. When installing the T-shaped iron, the T-shaped iron should be properly arched according to the span of the rigid frame to ensure that the T-shaped iron does not produce downward deflection after the top plate is installed. The installation of the top board should start from the corner of the warehouse body, and according to the plan board, raise the warehouse board to the specified height and position. The longitudinal board ends of the warehouse board are respectively placed on the wall board and the T-shaped iron. Adjust the parallelism and perpendicularity of the coaxial line of the top plate, check the elevation of the bottom surface of the top plate, and then fix the top plate with the T-shaped iron with rivets, connect the angle plate between the top plate and the wall plate, and then start the next one The installation work of the library board.

  2. The installation method of the second top board is basically the same as that of the first board, and the connection method of the board is basically the same as that of the wall board. The library board connector should be fixed outside the library, and each library board seam should be fixed with three library board connectors, one at each end of the library board and one of the boards (two library board connectors can also be used for the top plate less than 4 meters in length).

   3. After all the top plates are installed, start the installation of the ceiling C-shaped steel. According to the actual arrangement of the top plate, the angle iron pieces for fixing the mushroom-head nylon bolts are welded to the ceiling C-shaped steel according to the corresponding spacing on the ground. Then place the ceiling C-shaped steel in the corresponding position on the top plate according to the drawings, and the ceiling C-shaped steel should ensure the parallelism and perpendicularity of the coaxial line. After adjusting the position of the ceiling C-shaped steel, open the top plate at the position of the angle iron bolt hole, and use the mushroom head nylon bolt to firmly connect the angle iron to the library plate. After that, the C-shaped steel of the suspended ceiling is welded to the purlin with round steel hangers. According to the elevation of the bottom surface of the top plate, the nuts under the round steel hangers are adjusted to adjust the C-shaped steel and the top plate of the suspended ceiling to the specified height.

  A sealant paste shall be applied to the contact point between the inner sides of the corner plates of all cold storage and the storage plate. The wrap angle between the wall panels should be fixed in sections to facilitate the pouring of polyurethane foam on site. The angled board for fixing the top board should be cut with iron scissors every 500mm (the size of the gap is subject to the foaming material), and then fix it on the top board and the wall board. The corner plate should be fixed with pull rivets, the distance between pull rivets should be kept at 100mm, and the pull rivets fixed on the corner should be in a straight line with equal spacing. Pay attention to the drilling of rivets and the fixing of rivets with rivets. The tools used should be perpendicular to the angle plate.