Seafood backlog highlights the importance of seafood cold storage

Update:11 May 2017

Every crisis is an opportunity. And for Chinese busines […]

Every crisis is an opportunity. And for Chinese businesses, the current one of stubborn oyster intruders overrunning parts of the coast of Denmark is spelling fortune and feasts.

With an explosive spread of Pacific oysters from Asia choking up the Danish shoreline and harming local species, Chinese companies have come up with a quick fix - they will import the unwelcomed shellfish and send armies of tourists to Denmark, so that the Chinese foodies will guzzle them up with crushed garlic and chilli sauce.


Temperature requirements and preservation time of seafood cold storage


Generally, seafood needs low temperature storage, at least -18℃, so this kind of storage usually be called frozen cold storage or quick-frozen storage. Low temperature helps to maintain the original quality and flavor of seafood, and can greatly keep the freshness of seafood for longer time, in general, can extend the preservation time of 3 to 6 months.


Seafood Cold Storage Solution


We choose polyurethane sandwich panel of thickness 100mm or 150mm for this kind of cold storage. The features of the PU panel are good heat insulation effect, good sealing performance, high strength, light weight, easy installation, etc. We choose international well-known compressor brand, like BITZER, COPELAND, GEA BOCK, etc. to meet the cooling capacity requirement.


Our PLC temperature control system makes it available for our users to set temperature and humility. For some small size cold rooms, our microcomputer automatic control system is easy to operate. Users can keep watch on the inside temperature of the cold room with SMS alert function to make sure the seafood quality.