Refrigeration equipment suitable for small cold storage

Update:25 Oct 2021

What is a cold storage? Cold storage generally refers t […]

What is a cold storage? Cold storage generally refers to equipment that uses various refrigeration equipment to cool, which can be artificially controlled and maintain a stable low temperature. Its basic components are: refrigeration system; electric control system; thermal insulation warehouse; accessory buildings and so on.

  The refrigeration system mainly includes various refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration equipment is the heart of the cold storage. It produces cold capacity to ensure the supply of cold sources in the warehouse. The electronic control device is the brain of the cold storage, which instructs the refrigeration system to ensure the supply of cold capacity.

   A warehouse with a certain degree of thermal insulation is a cold storage insulation board for storing fresh agricultural products. Its function is to maintain the stability of the low-temperature environment. The thermal insulation performance is usually described as heat preservation. The good thermal insulation structure of the warehouse can keep the cold energy produced by the refrigeration equipment from leaking out in the warehouse as much as possible. On the other hand, it is to minimize the leakage of heat from outside the warehouse to the inside of the warehouse. the difference.

  The cold storage refrigeration equipment is the heart of the cold storage, and it is very important. The most critical condition for the operation of a cold storage is the refrigeration equipment.

   The main body of the refrigeration equipment is the refrigerator. There are many kinds of them. According to the refrigerant, there are two types: ammonia machine and fluorine machine. Some fluorine machines are cold storage insulation boards that are universal for a variety of refrigerants. Advanced fluorine machines mostly use refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerants that have little impact on the environment. Fluorine machines are generally small in size, low in noise, safe and reliable, high in automation, and wide in application. Cold storage insulation boards are suitable for small rural cold storage.

   The combination of refrigerators and condensers is often called a refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is divided into a water-cooled unit and an air-cooled unit. The air-cooled unit is the preferred form of small cold storage, which has the advantages of simplicity, compactness, easy installation, convenient operation, and less accessory equipment.

  The refrigerator of the refrigeration unit is the heart of the refrigeration equipment. Common compression refrigerators are divided into open type, semi-closed type and fully enclosed type. The hermetic compressor has the advantages of small size, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It is the preferred type of cold storage insulation board for small cold storage in the vast rural areas. An air-cooled refrigeration unit mainly composed of a fully enclosed compressor can be made into a form like a split air conditioner and mounted on the wall.

   Now the better fully enclosed refrigeration compressors on the market are imported from developed countries or Sino-foreign joint ventures. The quality is relatively reliable, but the price is more than 50% higher than that of domestic ones.

The benefits of building a small cold storage in the countryside

 It is the most suitable cold storage insulation board to build a small cold storage of 10 to 20 tons in rural areas. The investment of small cold storage is about 20,000 to 40,000 yuan, which is acceptable to ordinary farmers. This kind of small cold storage unit is small in capacity, easy to control, convenient in and out, a product is easy to store up, cool down quickly, temperature is stable, cold storage insulation board, low power consumption, cold storage insulation board, high degree of automation, just like household air conditioners and refrigerators Easy to manage. Multiple such small cold storages are built together to form a small cold storage group, with a total capacity of hundreds of tons or thousands of tons, and its total investment is similar to that of medium and large cold storages of the same scale. However, it can keep more products and varieties of cold storage insulation boards. According to its different preservation temperature requirements, it can be controlled arbitrarily, which is not easy for large-capacity cold storage. In short, the flexibility, operability, automation, energy-saving effect and operating effect of small cold storage groups are much better than those of medium and large cold storages.