Protect Your Walk-in Freezer or Cooler

Update:29 Jun 2017

Whether you are operating a restaurant, convenience sto […]

Whether you are operating a restaurant, convenience store or supermarket, your admission is an important investment. Care should be taken to ensure years of effective use. Here is a step-by-step manufacturer of American coolers to maintain your stepper cooler or walk in freezer tips.

Torn gaskets allow warm air to penetrate into your walk-in cooler or freezer when not in use. Do not block or push the door for a long time. Make sure it is closed at any time, except for entering and exiting the walk-in operation.

Regularly clean the evaporator and the condensing coil. If it is outside, clean the coil more frequently. Clean the fan blades to reduce resistance.

Make sure the fan motor runs at optimum speed. On the external condensing unit, keep clean and plenty of airflow. For example, do not let rubbish or weeds accumulate around the corridor. Make sure there is no stack around the coil to prevent airflow from being limited.

Do not put anything on the top of the walk. This may damage the ceiling panel. Sometimes the service technician checks all electrical connections to make sure they are well and fastened. Wire loosening can cause high current, which will cause your device to use more energy.

Inspect the suction line insulation between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil for damage or corrosion. Replace as needed

The hinges should be lubricated once a year to ensure that they are normally closed.

When you exit the walk, make sure the light is off. The lamp will produce heat, which will cause your device to run more to keep its optimum temperature. Make sure your walkthrough switch is illuminated so that you can tell if the lamp is lit without opening the door.

Check the curtain for tearing and make sure it is properly sealed. Periodically check the gaskets between the panels to make sure they are not broken or weathered. Replacing a damaged gasket will ensure that your entry efficiency is up to local health specifications.