Principle and selection of industrial air-cooled box chiller

Update:29 Mar 2021

Air-cooled industrial chillers are usually full-house u […]

Air-cooled industrial chillers are usually full-house units, together with evaporators, shrinkers and condensers. Regarding air-cooled industrial chillers with a slightly higher power, it is necessary to consider the heat dissipation of the condenser cooling fan during operation. For use in air-conditioned workshops, the full room machine needs to be equipped with exhaust ducts to guide the heat blown by the cooling fans to the outdoors.
The chiller is widely used in all walks of life, so the name is more of the on-board bucket. Its essential principle is a multi-functional machine that removes liquid vapor through shrinking or heat absorption refrigeration cycles. Steam shrinking chillers include The four main components of the vapor shrinkage refrigeration cycle shrinking machine, evaporator, condenser, and department metering device are used to achieve different refrigerants. Absorption chillers use water as refrigerant and rely on the water between them. And lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong affinity for the refrigeration effect. The cold water cycle system of the shrinkage unit can be used to set the shape and temperature of the three-roller.
According to the cooling method, water chillers can usually be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled. In terms of technology, water cooling is 300 to 500 kcal/h higher than air cooling. In terms of price, water cooling is much lower than air cooling; in In terms of assembly, water cooling needs to be included in the cooling tower before it can be used, while air cooling can be moved without other aids. However, air-cooled chillers only rely on electric fans to dissipate heat and have certain conditions for the environment: such as ventilation, humidity, and temperature. 40°C, pH value of air, etc.

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