Pressure Monitoring Equipment Refrigeration System

Update:08 Jan 2018

The operation of the refrigeration system is in a safe […]

The operation of the refrigeration system is in a safe state, the main means of monitoring pressure through the pressure gauge shows the various parts of the system. In this way, on the one hand to facilitate the normal operation and management, such as the pressure to determine the evaporation temperature, condensation temperature, etc., on the other hand can be timely detection of any abnormal or over-pressure equipment, to be controlled or alarm. Such as pressure sensors not only display the function, but also can play a pressure control and alarm security protection.

Refrigeration system in the pressure gauge, if the following conditions may not be used: the pointer fails; the scale is unclear; overdue unverified; lead seal damage; cut off the pressure after the pointer does not return to zero; glass dial broken. Pressure gauge in the refrigeration system, if damaged, must be scrapped immediately, and replace the pressure gauge produced by the official manufacturer with a certificate and seal, the accuracy and range to meet the requirements. Range of 1.5 to 3 times the maximum operating pressure, accuracy of not less than 2.5.

Refrigeration systems, not only pressure gauges and other monitoring equipment, there are some can play a role in automatic protection of safety equipment. Once the pressure of abnormal circumstances, safety equipment can automatically move to reduce equipment pressure or automatically shut down to prevent accidents. Therefore, the pressure protection safety equipment can not be arbitrarily removed or adjust the set value.

Safety valve points directly discharged safety valve and bypass relief valve two. Different equipment safety valve setting pressure is different. Safety valve must be regularly tested, once a year, and sealed; safety valve must be re-checked after take-off to ensure its rigor and accuracy. In order to facilitate the repair and replacement, the valve must be set in front of the safety valve, but must be turned on.

Pressure relay is divided into two kinds of pressure relay and differential pressure relay. Pressure relay mainly from the high exhaust pressure protection, low suction pressure protection, the middle of the high pressure protection, water protection, etc .; differential pressure relay mainly from oil pressure differential protection and pump for liquid security.

Fuse made of fusible alloy, commonly used in the reservoir and condenser. Encountering high temperature and melting, to prevent the explosion caused by a fire accident. Unlike safety valves and pressure relays, in the event of abnormally high pressures, the fuse does not function as a safety guard.