Precautions for safe operation of cold storage

Update:16 Sep 2020

Precautions for safe operation of cold storageAs a kind […]

Precautions for safe operation of cold storage
As a kind of refrigeration equipment, cold storage has been widely used for constant temperature and humidity storage of food, liquid, chemical, medicine, vaccine, scientific experiment and other industries. It creates stable environment different from outdoor temperature or humidity by mechanical refrigeration and other artificial means, so as to realize long-term safe storage of perishable and perishable articles. In recent years, food cold storage has provided important security for food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, etc., but there are also frequent accidents such as fire caused by quality problems or improper management. In addition to consulting the professional cold storage installation company to build and maintain the cold storage, we can not ignore the safety problems in the daily management and use process of the cold storage. The following sorted out the main cold storage safety operation instructions for your reference.
1. The cold storage must be managed by a specially assigned person, and the management personnel must understand the working principle and operation method of the cold storage. This requires that the cold storage operation and maintenance personnel must undergo technical training and safety technology education, understand the basic structure of the equipment, master the operation procedures, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
2. When starting the cold storage, first turn on the power switch, check whether the water circulation pump indicator light and the cold storage normal operation indicator light are on, and then set the temperature of the cold storage. Observe that the cooling fan in the cold storage should be started to run. After 3 minutes of delay, the refrigeration indicator on the microcomputer temperature controller will be on and the compressor will start to work. Observe whether the temperature displayed on the microcomputer temperature controller can shut down automatically when it gradually drops to the lower limit temperature, and whether it can start up automatically when the displayed temperature rises to the upper limit temperature. Kuhua refrigeration remind, must be clear that the cold storage is normal start-up and operation according to the requirements, and then put into storage goods for use.

3. During the operation of the cold storage, it is suggested that the cold storage management personnel should record the displayed temperature of the cold storage every 2 hours to check whether the displayed temperature of the cold storage is within the set range. When the fault display gives an alarm, the fault display code shall be recorded, and then the cold storage maintenance personnel shall be contacted to come to the company for maintenance. It should be noted that when the cold storage works for a certain period of time, the cold air in the cold storage will carry out automatic frost. At this time, the defrosting indicator light of the microcomputer temperature controller box will be on at the same time; in a short time, the temperature displayed on the microcomputer temperature controller will gradually increase, which is a normal phenomenon, and there is no need to stop the machine. Defrost to a certain time, will automatically stop defrosting, temperature will gradually drop, return to normal!
4. The cold storage management personnel should often check whether there is frost behind the air cooler in the cold storage, if any, it should be removed in time, and adjust the defrosting times and time according to the quantity and quality of the goods stacked. Regularly check the radiator of the air-cooled unit, and clean the dust on the radiator in time to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the joints, welding wires and valves of the unit have oil stains and whether the refrigerant leaks. Once the damage is found, it must be repaired and replaced immediately. Do not have a fluke mind. Contact the professional cold storage maintenance personnel for treatment at the first time.
5. The cold storage needs regular inspection and maintenance, which can be entrusted to the professional cold storage installation and maintenance company. For example, the pressure gauge, thermometer, solenoid valve, regulating valve, safety valve, etc. should be regularly inspected and tested, generally once a year. All labor protection, safety protection articles and special tools shall be placed in obvious and easy to get places. Gas masks shall be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition and effective.
6. The cold storage management personnel should pay attention to the operation safety when entering and leaving the cold storage, and wear cold proof clothing to prevent cold or other frostbite accidents caused by low temperature.
7. When the cold storage management personnel stack the stored goods, they must standardize the code goods, and achieve the first in first out. In this way, it can not only ensure the operation effect of cold storage, but also improve the utilization rate of cold storage capacity. For example, when stacking the goods in the cold storage with air cooler, do not exceed the outlet of the air cooler in the warehouse, otherwise, the refrigeration effect will be affected. Ventilation and return air duct shall be reserved in the middle, and the goods in the cold storage with row pipe refrigeration shall not lean against the pipe.
8. Strict quality inspection must be carried out before any goods are put into the warehouse. Deteriorated goods cannot be put into the warehouse to avoid polluting the goods in the warehouse. Goods of different types and different storage temperatures must be classified and stored in the warehouse with appropriate temperature according to the requirements, and they should be handled with care, and throwing is strictly prohibited.
9. The cold storage management personnel shall regularly clean the inside and outside of the cold storage. For example, for the cold storage plate maintenance, in the process of cleaning and maintenance, we must avoid the collision and scratch of hard objects on the storage body, because it may cause the depression and corrosion of the storage plate, and seriously reduce the local thermal insulation performance of the storage body.