Precautions for installation of cold storage units

Update:15 Mar 2021

Precautions for installation of cold storage units1. Co […]

Precautions for installation of cold storage units
1. Cold storage unit installation
The cold storage unit should be located as close as possible to the evaporator, and it is easy to repair and has good heat dissipation. If it is moved outside, it is necessary to install a canopy. The four corners of the cold storage unit need to be installed with anti-vibration gaskets. The installation level is strong and it is not easy to be touched.
2. Radiator installation of cold storage unit
The radiator should be placed as close to the cold storage unit as possible. In the upper position of the cold storage unit, the radiator installation position has a heat dissipation environment. The suction port cannot face the air outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas, and the air outlet cannot be short-circuited or facing other windows. (Especially for residents' windows) and equipment should be off the ground, 2M, high, and the installation level should be strong.
3. Connection of cold storage refrigeration system
Because the condenser and evaporator of the cold storage unit are sealed by suppression in the factory, there should be pressure when unsealing, and it can be checked for leaks. The copper pipes should be sealed at both ends of the factory, and they should be sealed at any time during construction. , Into the tube with waterproof and dustproof, condenser→ cold storage host→ evaporator, the copper pipe is connected by welding, and the interface is strong and beautiful. Precautions for cold storage units
4. Wire discharge
All wires must be tied up with air-conditioning ties, but also need to be maintained with corrugated hoses or ducts. The temperature display wires should not be placed together with the wires as much as possible.
5. Copper pipe discharge of cold storage unit
All copper pipes need to be worn separately from the insulation pipe and the wires in the same direction are wrapped together with air-conditioning cable ties, and the pipes should be straight and fixed in sections as much as possible.

Precautions for the use of cold storage
When the fruit and vegetable packaging boxes in the cold storage are stacked, there must be a certain amount of space between each other to facilitate air circulation in the storage, so that the temperature of the stored items is the same as the design control temperature. The storage should not be stacked too high, with a space of 60 cm to 120 cm from the top surface of the cold storage, and a distance of 50 cm to 80 cm from the surrounding wall. Keep the surroundings ventilated, which is conducive to air circulation in the storage and uniform temperature distribution.
Open the warehouse door regularly so that gases such as ethylene and sulfur dioxide released by the fruits and vegetables in the warehouse can be discharged, which is conducive to the preservation of fruits and vegetables, because these gases have the effect of accelerating the ripening of fruits and vegetables.
Always pay attention to the sight glass of the compressor when using it. When the refrigerating oil of the compressor is less than half of the hole of the oil sight glass, an appropriate amount of refrigerating oil should be added (under the guidance of a skilled refrigeration technician).
If you use a water-cooled unit, check whether the pool is clean. If you find waste plastic bags and other debris, you should take it out in time, otherwise it will block the suction port of the pump, resulting in small water volume or water cut.

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