Practical application of domestic screw type cascade ultra low temperature unit

Update:19 Apr 2019

Due to the high technical requirements of equipment, co […]

Due to the high technical requirements of equipment, control and other components in the thermal cycle of ultra-low temperature units, the ultra-low temperature units used in antibiotic production mainly rely on foreign imports. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of domestic refrigeration equipment, especially the development of ultra-low temperature units. With the leap-forward development, the screw-type ultra-low temperature unit designed and produced by major domestic manufacturers such as Beijing Tianli Ultra-Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. has won the competitive advantage in the market due to its stable operation and high cost performance. At present, this equipment is in the process of antibiotic synthesis production. Has been widely used.
4.1 Reliability, refrigeration efficiency and equipment economy
The compressors, heat exchangers, expansion valves, measuring and control components and control systems of the domestic screw-type super-low temperature unit adopt international famous brand products. The high standard software and hardware provide a reliable foundation for the stable operation of the unit. Performance is comparable to that of imported equipment. The actual operation shows that under the same heat load, the cooling capacity of domestically produced units can be transported to the level of imported units to meet the production requirements; in terms of the economics of equipment investment, although the imported units and domestic units are basically the same at the hardware level, However, the purchase price is very different. Generally, the same amount of refrigeration, the same type of unit, the investment in imported equipment is more than 2.5 times that of domestic equipment. Therefore, the use of domestically produced units can reduce the upfront investment of equipment, and at the same time reduce the depreciation costs of equipment and equipment, and reduce the operating costs.
4.2 After sales service
In terms of after-sales service, domestically produced units have obvious advantages over imported equipment, and their efficiency is higher regardless of equipment fault handling or spare parts supply. The fault handling and technical support of imported equipment are lagging behind, and the procurement cycle of spare parts is relatively long. It is difficult to obtain timely supply of spare parts for sudden failure.
In today's highly competitive antibiotic market and low product margins, ensuring product quality and reducing manufacturing costs are prerequisites for the market. In the semi-synthetic antibiotic production process, as long as the correct selection of the ultra-low temperature unit, the scientific maintenance method is adopted, which is superior to the traditional liquid nitrogen cooling method in terms of production cost, process control, product yield and product quality: domestically produced Compared with imported units, ultra-low temperature units have certain advantages, especially in terms of economy. Therefore, the domestic ultra-low temperature unit has a high promotion value in the production process of antibiotics.