Pay attention to when choosing chiller manufacturers

Update:05 May 2019

With the rapid development of industrial enterprises, m […]

With the rapid development of industrial enterprises, more and more enterprises need to use a large amount of chilled water in the production process to cool the equipment or production process to increase production output. Now that the chillers are already the refrigeration equipment selected by most chemical companies, what points do chemical companies need to pay attention to when choosing chiller manufacturers?
It is very important for chemical companies to choose chiller manufacturers. It is necessary to pay attention to the following four points:
1. Can you guarantee the production demand: The chiller can be used for cooling the production process. The choice of cooling capacity is particularly important. If you choose small, you can't meet the production needs. If you choose big, it will cause waste. Chemical companies can calculate the cooling capacity through actual production needs, and determine the cooling capacity after the selection of the chiller is more clear.
2, the manufacturer's experience and scale: choose a brand manufacturer with professional experience, such a manufacturer is not only experienced, but also in the quality and use of the equipment is certainly very secure.
3. Whether the equipment operation is safe and reliable: stable and efficient operation is also a situation that enterprises need to pay attention to. The chiller is to cool some equipment or production process. If the refrigeration equipment cannot run stably, it is likely that the effluent temperature will not reach the standard, which will affect the production pass rate.
4. Whether there are any cooperation customers in the local area: When selecting a chiller manufacturer, if there are customer cases already done in the local area, then we can go to investigate and understand the use of the equipment. The customer’s mouth speaks far better than oneself. More practical.