Overview of chemical low temperature screw chiller

Update:01 Mar 2019

Chemical low-temperature screw chiller is specially use […]

Chemical low-temperature screw chiller is specially used in chemical low temperature. 1. Chemical industry: realize rapid condensation of low-boiling organic matter and precisely control the temperature of chemical reaction; 2 pharmaceutical industry: keep the low temperature conditions required for biochemical reaction in the reactor; Rapid cooling of the drug substance, prevention of drug deterioration, low-temperature crystal refining, low-temperature extraction, low-temperature drug synthesis, etc. The chemical low temperature screw chiller adopts an advanced semi-closed screw refrigeration compressor. Below Kunshan Kangshijie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. share with you the knowledge of the selection of low temperature screw chillers. Welcome everyone to provide suggestions
The compressor is the core of the entire refrigeration system and the source of system power. The whole refrigeration power is provided by the compressor. The compressor is equivalent to moving a physical object from a low potential position to a high potential position. In refrigeration, its purpose is to compress the low temperature gas into a high temperature through a compressor. The gas, the last gas, exchanges heat with other media in the heat exchanger. Therefore, the quality of the compressor will directly affect the effect of the entire refrigeration.
Chemical low temperature screw chillers generally use semi-hermetic compressors. The semi-closed compressor has a cooling capacity of 100 to 1200 KW, compact structure, high working performance, large refrigeration capacity and stepless adjustment, but the lubricating oil system is more complicated and the hum is higher. Divided into single, twin screw type. Commonly used brands: Germany BITZER Bitzer, GRASSO Grasso, Italy FRASCOLD Fujihao, Turin REFCOMP Lai Fu Kang, Taiwan Fusheng, Hanzhong and so on.