Overseas Exhibition Hit - Kende Refrigeration Exhibition Map

Update:14 Sep 2017

On September 7th-07th,2017, Thailand's HVAC Show was he […]

On September 7th-07th,2017, Thailand's HVAC Show was held at the Bangkok International Convention Exhibition Center in Thailand.

In 2017, Thailand's HVAC Show is the largest and most professional HVAC Show in Southeast Asia. The exhibition is the only professional exhibition of HVAC and air conditioning in Thailand. The exhibition is held in conjunction with BangkokE & E to share professional audience resource and built the most professional, geographical advantages of refrigeration, HVAC and household appliances, consumer electronics industry brand exhibition in Southeast Asia.

As a leader in the refrigeration industry, Shanghai Kende also actively open the international market to bring its refrigeration experience and professional technology to the Thailand HVAC refrigeration exhibition, and make a contribution for the development of the refrigeration industry.

Kende refrigeration chillers are suitable for major industries such as standardized screw unit, two-stage screw-type industrial chillers, chiller unit and other products for food, medical, chemical, hotel and other industries.

Kende refrigeration is a set of cold storage research and development, design, construction, engineering complete sets, after-sales service and refrigeration technology consulting in an integrated company. The company specializes in the construction of various types of cold storage as the main business, can design and install various types of cold storage, fresh storage, logistics library, freezer, experimental library, explosion-proof library, drug depot and ultra-low temperature cold storage, and provide all kinds of complete sets of refrigeration equipment and Commercial freezer products. Products are widely used in logistics, food, medical, aquatic products, business super, bio-engineering and other industries.