Operation Accident of Refrigeration System

Update:25 Dec 2017

Refrigeration equipment is composed of pressure vessel […]

Refrigeration equipment is composed of pressure vessel system device, the refrigerant in the refrigeration system operating pressure changes, in a state of pressure operation, with a potential explosion hazard. Low-boiling low-boiling point refrigerant, cryogenic liquid refrigerant once leaked out, splashed on the human skin, can cause frostbite, while some other refrigerants such as ammonia have greater toxicity, but also make people poisoning. Even if there is no greater toxicity of refrigerant, if the air concentration is too high, people will cause suffocation. In addition, Freon refrigerants at about 800 ℃ high temperature, will decompose toxic substances, human poisoning. Ammonia in the air reaches its ultimate concentration of the explosion will cause a burning explosion. In summary, accidents in refrigeration operations are mainly caused by explosions, poisoning, suffocation, cold burns and fires.

There are two types of explosions in refrigeration operations: one for chemical explosions and one for physical explosions. Chemical explosion is a violent chemical reaction accompanied by a huge energy release. The material before and after the explosion changed. Chemical explosion must meet three necessary conditions: combustible material and air. The concentration of combustible material in the air reaches the limit of explosion. Physical explosion is a simple energy release process is not accompanied by the chemical reaction process.