More Oversea China Cold Room Projects Had Done

Update:03 Nov 2017

More oversea cold room projects had done: 1.Sudan Frien […]

More oversea cold room projects had done:

1.Sudan Friendship Hall Project

Sudan Friendship Hall is located in the center of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, at the northwest side of the capital city of Khartoum City, about 11 kilometers from the airport; the Friendship Hall project is a modern five-star hotel, south of the Egyptian embassy, east Sudan National Museum, north of the Blue Nile. Friendship Hall in the Sudan has a very high political status, by the local people as a green Nile on a beacon, in our foreign aid project is also of great significance.

In the Sudanese Friendship Hall project, Kende Refrigeration and China Railway four overseas branch offices and participated in the project to aid the Soviet Union. Of which two low-temperature cold storage is by our Kende refrigeration professional construction team design and construction.


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2.Indonesia-quick-freezer Project


The project is for fish cold storage. There are 4 cold rooms for quick-freezing, 2 cold rooms for low temperature storage, and 1 precooling room. According to customer’s requirement and rich experience in refrigeration field, this project request large cooling capacity, and the final solution is barrel pump circulatory system with Freon refrigeration which is easy to operate and increase the efficiency of heat exchanging and cooling performance.

Equipment Configuration:

Refrigeration unit: Fusheng Compressors in parallel .Evaporative Condenser, Barrel Pump System.


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3.Cambodia Fruit Cold Storage Project


The project consists of fruit storage room of 2℃~8℃, ripening room of 0℃~50℃,sorting room of 15℃, ventilation system.

Equipment Configuration:

Water Chiller Unit, ripening unit, PLC System.


4.Laos trade cold storage project

Recently, Laos’s trade cold storage project, which was built by Kent, was completed successfully. The cold storage engineering is divided into two cold storage, a high temperature library, a library of low temperature, high temperature library for 5 ~ 10 ℃ temperature, low temperature library temperature required for 18 ~ 4 ℃. Kentucky Fried according to owner's request, cold storage refrigeration combined with local actual situation, carefully designed cold storage building program, at the same time actively communicate with cold storage owner decided to refrigerator compressor unit adopting Emerson of refrigeration ZB - 29, cold storage board with 100 mm polyurethane insulation board a 0.5 mm colored, use the back door, moistureproof the rolls with LED lamp. After the cold storage scheme has been approved by the owner, Kent refrigeration dispatched the actuators to the site to guide the construction. In good cooperation with all parties, the cold storage project was completed on time.

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5.Canada Logistics Cold Storage Project


7 low temperature rooms of 6000m2 in total, clear height is 7.8m; 2 high temperature rooms of 2500m2 in total, clear height is 5.5m. Temperature range of cold rooms is +5℃~-26℃

Equipment configuration:

HANBELL Compressors parallel unit, Coil Type Evaporator.


6.The new concept of innovative products

Kendall container cold storage, into the community, into the Internet without the convenience store model


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