Mold cooling equipment - chiller

Update:29 Dec 2018

The industrial chiller can cool the molding die, improv […]

The industrial chiller can cool the molding die, improve the surface finish of the plastic products, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic products, so that the product does not shrink or deform, facilitate the demolding of the plastic products, accelerate the product setting, thereby greatly improving the plastic molding. Machine production efficiency. The plastics industry needs equipment equipped with industrial chillers: injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders, thermoforming machines and other hydraulic system machinery.
At present, the most used in the factory is the injection molding machine. After the plastic pellets are melted by heating, they are injected into the mold. After the condensation, the mold is opened to form a plastic workpiece. In the continuous production process, the mold is cooled to shorten the plastic setting time. Improve workpiece dimensional accuracy, molding quality, surface quality. In the early days, many users chose cooling towers to cool them. This cooling method is only suitable for cooling purposes when the ambient temperature is low. Once the ambient temperature rises, the accuracy of the product cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you need to use the chiller
There are two types of chillers: air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.
The air-cooled chiller uses a fan to dissipate heat, and the user only needs to turn on the power supply, and the water inlet and outlet pipes can be put into use. However, there is one point. If the air-cooled chiller is installed indoors, the heat from the air is discharged indoors, so there is a demand for the environment. Water-cooled chillers use cooling towers and pumps to dissipate heat to provide circulating cooling water, mainly installed outdoors or on the roof. So, how to choose the chiller for injection molding machine?
Constance Refrigeration has a suggestion here: After all, many factories that use injection molding machines have cooling towers, so you only need to buy a water-cooled chiller again. If an air-cooled chiller is purchased with a cooling tower, the tower is idle and wastes resources, and the price of the air-cooled chiller is more expensive than that of a water-cooled chiller. If the company does not have a cooling tower, the air-cooled chiller can be selected if the number of injection molding machines is small and the subsequent increase is not increased. For factories with more injection molding machines, the cooling is more stable and the cooling effect is better.
The blow molding machine mainly produces all kinds of mineral water bottles and soda bottles. Blowing bottles require clean, dry compressed air and chilled water from industrial chillers as a source of cold to remove moisture from the compressed air.
Extrusion machines are mainly extruded pipes, trunking, cables and various plastic profiles. The heated molten material is cooled by a freezing pool after being molded by a mold, and the temperature of the water in the freezing pool must be kept constant. This requires the use of a chiller. Since there is already a freezing pool, if the pool is large enough, the chiller may not be equipped with a water tank.
The thermoforming machine mainly produces some smaller containers, such as yogurt cups. Plastics are extruded at a constant frequency and the mold is heated. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature. The temperature range of the chilled water is very high. Therefore, a proportional frozen water valve is required to automatically and accurately adjust the temperature.
The above is a glimpse of Constance refrigeration. If you are not sure about the selection of the chiller, you can contact the sales staff of Constit directly by phone, and they will select a durable industrial cooling chiller based on your actual situation.