Liquid Ammonia Principle of Refrigeration System

Update:15 Dec 2017

First of all, the liquid ammonia absorbs the heat of th […]

First of all, the liquid ammonia absorbs the heat of the cooling object in the evaporator and evaporates into ammonia vapor. The ammonia vapor contains the absorbed heat which is pumped by the compressor to the condenser and compressed into high-pressure and high-temperature ammonia vapor. In this case, But also added to the motor thermal power equivalent to the additional heat; ammonia vapor in the condenser, the heat sent to the lower temperature cooling water, lost heat ammonia vapor is condensed into liquid ammonia; throttle will be condensed down The liquid ammonia is additionally replenished to the evaporator so that the evaporator can work continuously.

Refrigeration system consists of evaporator, single-stage refrigerator, oil separator, condenser, ammonia storage, ammonia separator, throttle and other ancillary equipment and other components, connected to each other through a tube into a closed system. Among them, the evaporator is the transport of cold equipment, liquid refrigerant evaporation after cooling the object to absorb heat to achieve refrigeration; single-stage refrigerator is a more widely used type of refrigerator, it can be used in ice, air conditioning, food refrigeration And industrial production process and so on.

Single-stage refrigeration cycle refers to the refrigerant in the refrigeration system after the compression, condensation, throttling, evaporation of the four processes, they completed a single-stage refrigerator cycle, which reached the purpose of refrigeration; compressor is the heart of the system, Plays the role of absorbing, compressing and conveying the refrigerant vapor; the oil separator is used for settling and separating the oil in the compressed refrigerant vapor; the condenser condenses the high-temperature refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor into a saturated liquid; the ammonia storage device is used for storing Condenser condensate refrigerant ammonia, condenser and evaporator to regulate the relationship between supply and demand of ammonia liquid ammonia; ammonia liquid separator is an important subsidiary of gravity gravity system; throttling valve starting refrigerant The flow-pressure-reducing function controls and regulates the flow of the refrigerant liquid into the evaporator at the same time, and divides the system into two parts: high-pressure side and low-pressure side.