Learn the knowledge of chiller maintenance

Update:01 Nov 2019

In the process of using chillers in many enterprises, i […]

In the process of using chillers in many enterprises, if the chiller is not regularly maintained and maintained, the longer the chiller is operated, the higher the operational risk that the company has to bear. As an ordinary enterprise, due to the lack of experience and skills in the maintenance and maintenance of chillers, the longer the time that many companies use chillers, the higher the probability that enterprises will have various failures. Only by realizing the importance of maintaining the chiller can the company improve the operating power of the equipment and meet the long-term uninterrupted operation of the chiller.

 Method for reducing equipment failure rate

1. In the process of using the chiller, if the company uses the chiller for a long time, the safety of the chiller should be restricted. On the basis of lack of basic maintenance and maintenance, if the company runs the chiller for a long time, it will only lead to the longer time the enterprise runs the chiller, and the running cost of the enterprise is relatively lower.

2. Running the chiller at low failure rate requires the company to realize the importance of protecting the chiller. Due to many environmental factors and other factors, the normal operation of the equipment is threatened. Therefore, in the process of running the chiller, the enterprise needs to adjust the plan for running the chiller in time. Complete the safe operation of the chiller within the scope of the plan to avoid any common failures in the equipment. The fewer failures that occur during the operation of the equipment, the higher the safety factor of the company using the chiller.

3. In the process of using chillers in most enterprises, as the company does not regularly complete the maintenance and maintenance of the chiller, the company will continue to produce all kinds of unexplained failures when using the chiller. If the company cannot eliminate all kinds of common glitch, the stability of the company using the chiller is directly affected. Enterprises want to use the chiller safely. It is necessary to adjust the operation plan of the equipment in time after running the chiller for a long time to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment and to avoid the equipment being threatened by various common chiller failures.

During the operation of the chiller, if the enterprise is aware of the threat of common chiller failures, then the company will not experience serious failures when using the chiller. Enterprises can learn to rationalize the maintenance of chillers, which can reduce the probability of equipment failure, create conditions for extending the service life of equipment, and effectively reduce the cost of long-term operation of chillers.