Large-scale cold storage installation: installation methods and precautions

Update:08 Mar 2021

The cold storage installation content mainly includes: […]

The cold storage installation content mainly includes: various cold storage engineering equipment and facilities consumables and auxiliary materials procurement, storage body installation, internal and external machine hoisting, laying of connecting pipelines, pipeline insulation, drainage pipe installation, line erection connection, control system installation, internal and external machine power supply Wire wiring and system debugging.
1. Preparations. The preparatory work includes drawing up the cold storage installation project plan, preparing the construction site and construction materials. Various materials for cold storage construction are formulated according to customer needs. After drawing up the construction plan, sort out the construction sites that meet the requirements, transport all the installation materials to the construction site, check the quality and model of the materials, and start installing the cold storage after confirming that they are correct.
2. Install the library body. Today's small and medium-sized cold storages in my country are basically combined cold storages assembled with storage panels, and most of the large-scale cold storages are civil cold storages. According to the project plan, assemble or construct the cold storage body and install the door. The library body is required to be flat, tight and strong, without hollow feeling, and meet the engineering requirements for airtightness, moisture-proof, anti-freezing, and load-bearing; the library door should be opened and closed flexibly and has good airtightness.
3. Install refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration system of the cold storage includes an evaporator inside the storage and a unit outside the storage. Therefore, the equipment must be installed firmly at a level that meets the requirements in accordance with the construction specifications, and corresponding protection measures must be taken.
4. Install an electric control system. The electric control system of the cold storage includes some electric equipment such as electric control box, electric door, and interior lighting. The cold storage power supply requires a stable three-phase four-wire (380v), and an independent power supply or a backup power supply can be used as needed. The circuit should be discharged reasonably and have corresponding protective measures.
5. Connect the refrigeration system. Wires, copper pipes, etc. should be used to connect cold storage refrigeration units, electrical control systems and other components. The connecting pipes should be tightly connected, and corresponding heat preservation and protection measures should be taken.
6. Install other facilities. Due to the different types of goods stored in the cold storage and the method of use, different cold storage will require additional equipment, such as humidifiers, shelves, conveyor belts and other equipment and facilities that are convenient for users to use the cold storage.
7. Debug cold storage. After all the components of the cold storage are installed and connected, the cold storage can be started for debugging. According to the needs of customers, adjust the value of the cold storage, test the cold storage, the cold storage can reach the predetermined temperature, the cooling rate and the cold storage are operating normally, the cold storage can be delivered for use. The cold storage installation unit also provides cold storage users with training on the use and management of cold storage, as well as some after-sales services.

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