Introduction of brine low temperature screw chiller

Update:14 Dec 2018

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Medium and low temperature water-cooled chillers | medium and low temperature chillers | medium and low temperature brine units | chillers | high and low temperature parallel units | brine low temperature screw chillers can provide brine temperature 4 ° C ~ -50 ° C brine solution (evaporator anti-corrosion design: The evaporator is made of titanium tube, and the brine freezer is suitable for various places where medium and low temperature cold sources are needed, such as process cold sources in industries such as medicine, chemical, electronics, food, and cold storage.
Main design features of brine low temperature screw chiller (4 °C ~ -50 °C):
1. It adopts imported high-efficiency economizer semi-closed reciprocating piston & twin-screw compressor, which has high energy efficiency, and is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency copper tube to make condenser, evaporator and world famous brand control components, so that the unit has small volume and low noise. High energy, long life, easy operation and stability.
2. Independent refrigeration system design, multi-head unit is relatively independent, the moving parts are minimized and the operation is reliable.
3. Under the minimum load (25%) of each refrigeration system compressor, the star-to-turn triangle step-down starts, effectively reducing the starting current and the impact on the power grid.
4. Flexible design can make the unit's continuous energy adjustment between 25% and 100% (stepless energy adjustment), ensuring the full performance of the compressor and helping users to maximize operating costs.
5. Adopting Siemens microcomputer programmable controller control, combined with compressor sectional energy adjustment or stepless energy adjustment system, it can timely and accurately control the matching between cooling capacity and cooling load of the machine, ensuring the highest operating efficiency of the unit and reducing energy consumption. Reliable energy-saving operation.
6. A variety of brines can be selected according to the needs of users, such as glycol aqueous solution, alcohol, ternary mixed solution (40% ethylene glycol, 40% water, 20% ethanol) and other alcohol-based coolants. The evaporator can be designed according to anti-corrosion requirements, and a calcium chloride salt aqueous solution is used as a brine carrier.
7. The application of economizer technology increases the gas transmission coefficient of the compressor, thereby improving the efficiency and energy efficiency ratio of the compressor.
8. The use of the secondary oil separator minimizes the lubricating oil entering the evaporator and improves the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator, which not only improves the cooling efficiency, but also improves the reliability of the product operation.
The medium and low temperature chiller is a refrigeration equipment that provides medium and low temperature brine. The unit can provide a certain concentration of calcium chloride or ethylene glycol at -35---5 °C (not recommended when the temperature is below -25 °C) An aqueous solution can be used as a host for various process cold sources. This series of products mainly consists of semi-closed screw compressors, economizers, oil separators, water-cooled condensers, evaporators and control systems.
The heat recovery unit adds a new type of heat collector technology to the standard unit, which can provide domestic hot water of 40-60 °C, and the comprehensive energy saving is 15%-30%. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates, petroleum, food and other industries.