Installation specification of evaporator

Update:30 Jul 2020

Installation specification of evaporator1 installation […]

Installation specification of evaporator
1 installation contents
First, the hoisting screw hole shall be opened, and the copper pipe and wire hole shall be opened, and the second two holes shall be trimmed to prevent hidden dangers left by the quick opening. The evaporator back and vertical plate shall be positioned at the back of the self equipped drainage pipe, and the evaporator drainage hole shall be vertical to the drainage hole position installed in the vertical plate, and the height difference between the two shall be 250mm If it's a freezer, the drain pipe runs through the drain wire, and the heating part of the drain wire can only extend to 50 mm of the warehouse plate. The external heat preservation treatment of the drain pipe does not need the electric heating wire for refrigeration, and the others are the same.
2. Attention for hoisting
The air inlet of the evaporator should not face the warehouse door. The evaporator should be hung at the longest end of the cold storage, and the air outlet of the evaporator should not face the door. (the evaporator should be positioned in the middle to facilitate maintenance).
3、 Auxiliary facilities requirements:
(1) The floor in the reservoir is 10-15 / cm higher than that outside the reservoir
(1) The floor foundation of the unit is 25-30 / cm higher than the floor in the warehouse.
(2) Unit equipped with cooling tower: the water source pipeline is connected to the cooling tower and unit location. (users can purchase locally)
4、 According to the load capacity of vehicles entering and leaving the user's cold storage (except for people's entering and leaving), the construction scheme of kunet shall be adopted
(1) Before the installation of the reservoir body, the foundation is filled with 10 cm gravel and 5-10 cm concrete is poured.
(2) . install the positioning groove of the wall panel of the storage body, and lay the floor insulation materials.
(3) . install the wall panel of the storage body, and seal the foam wall panel with the floor insulation material.
(4) Waterproof layer shall be laid on the floor of the warehouse.
(5) The steel mesh is laid with 10-14 ribbed steel and 10-25cm concrete is poured.
(6) . lay floor tiles according to the needs of users.
(7) The steel structure at the top of the cold storage is considered.