Installation process of large cold storage

Update:19 Jan 2021

The refrigeration principle of the cold storage is simi […]

The refrigeration principle of the cold storage is similar to that of the refrigerator. Generally, the cold storage is cooled by the refrigerator. The liquid with very low gasification temperature is used as the coolant to make it evaporate under the condition of low pressure and mechanical control, so as to absorb the heat in the storage, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

1. Make preparation plan
No matter large or small cold storage, we should make a good plan. Make perfect cold storage design scheme. Including the selection of equipment, construction site investigation and material selection. Make a good installation plan, when the materials are transported to the construction site, we can start the next step.
2. Install the main body of large cold storage
A big difference between large cold storage and small cold storage is that small and medium cold storage is mostly assembled by cold storage board. Most of the large cold storage is civil engineering. According to the plan made in advance, assemble or build the cold storage body and install the door. The storehouse should be flat, compact and solid, no hollow feeling, airtight, moisture-proof, antifreeze, load-bearing, etc. It is very important that the opening and closing of the warehouse door should be flexible and convenient. Cold storage is different from other storage buildings, when people enter the cold storage, the cold storage door is the only way of life.
3. Install refrigeration equipment
As mentioned above, the refrigeration mode of cold storage is similar to that of refrigerator. The refrigeration system of cold storage mainly includes evaporator and external unit. Pay special attention to the fact that the refrigeration units of large cold storage should not be greedy for the small ones, which is easy to cause greater losses. The refrigeration system is like the internal organs of the cold storage. Be strong.
4. Install the electric control system.
The electric control system of cold storage includes electric cabinet, electric door, lighting lamp and other electrical equipment. The electric control system is also an important part of the cold storage, so the use in the future should be fully considered during the installation. The wiring should be reasonable and the location should be scientific.
5. Connect the refrigeration system.
We should use wires, copper pipes, etc. to connect the unit, electric control system and other parts of the cold storage. The connecting pipes should be tightly connected, and the measures of thermal insulation protection should be safe.
6. Installation of other facilities.
Due to the different types of goods stored in refrigerators and the different methods of use, different refrigerators will require additional equipment, such as humidifiers, shelves, transport belts and other facilities.
7. Commissioning of cold storage
When all aspects of the cold storage are installed, it can be debugged according to customer requirements. Need to check the operation of the equipment, whether the temperature meets the requirements and other factors. After debugging, it can be delivered to the customer.