Installation process and cost of small cold storage

Update:11 Nov 2020

The design and installation of small cold storage is al […]

The design and installation of small cold storage is also very professional. The professionalism, practicality, and economy of cold storage must be taken into consideration, and the safety of cold storage must also be considered.

Every successful cold storage case has a complete plan. The following is the approximate process of the installation of a small cold storage.

1. Basic overview of cold storage process: overall overview of the project

2. Design basis: design according to the designer's experience and according to the "Code for Design of Cold Storage"

3. Selection of refrigeration equipment for cold storage: Choose suitable refrigeration equipment for small cold storage according to the design and demand of the cold storage.

4. Select the key technical data of the unit

5. Detailed configuration list of each device

6. Architectural structure, size and style of cold storage, etc.

7. Control system: Including control methods and methods, alarm protection function, data monitoring, system parameter list, etc.

Probably the process is the content outlined above, of course, this also includes the after-sales maintenance of the merchant and other steps, which are not summarized here.

Those who read carefully should find that many steps are arranged according to the actual situation.

Many friends are eager to offer quotations from merchants, but do not understand the actual data. The quotations given by merchants are also inaccurate and can only be approximate.

Therefore, for the cost of small cold storage, you should contact the customer service of the builder to provide corresponding effective information, such as the type, location, size, etc. of the small cold storage.

In this way, the business can give you a more accurate quote.