Industrial refrigeration basic maintenance

Update:25 May 2018

The sequence of opening and shutting down the chiller T […]

The sequence of opening and shutting down the chiller To ensure normal operation of the chiller after startup, it must be ensured:
1 The condenser heats up well, otherwise the cold-condensing temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure will be too high, so that the chiller high-voltage protection device will stop and even cause a failure.
2 The cold water in the evaporator should circulate. Otherwise, the temperature of the cold water will be too low, which will cause the cold water temperature protection device to move and stop. Because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure are too low, the low pressure protection device of the chiller will stop and even stop. Causes cold water in the evaporator to freeze and damage the equipment. Therefore, the sequence of starting the chiller is: (must be strictly observed) Cooling tower fan open -> cooling water pump open -> cold water pump open -> chiller open chiller shutdown sequence is: (must be strictly observed) chiller Stop -> cooling tower fan stop -> cooling pump stop -> cold pump stop
Chiller maintenance and care matters
1 When shutting down, the chiller should be shut down at half an hour before off duty, and the chilled water pump can be shut down after leaving work, which will help save energy, and at the same time avoid downtime and protect the unit.
2 Before running the refrigeration cycle, make sure that the heating circulation piping valve is completely closed.