Importance of cooling fan to cold storage

Update:20 May 2020

We all know that as an important part of the cold stora […]

We all know that as an important part of the cold storage, the cooling fan is very important to the refrigeration effect of the cold storage. Therefore, in the overall design of the cold storage, how to select and install the cold fan has extremely strict requirements.

1. During installation, the air flow shall be smooth, the air supply in the cold storage shall be uniform, and the maintenance shall be convenient. The fan range of the cooling fan is 7 meters. Pay attention to the uniform temperature of the cold storage with a length of more than 7 meters during installation.
2. The exhaust direction of the fan shall face the door as far as possible, and the suction side shall avoid opening the door.
3. The liquid supply pipe shall be configured to ensure sufficient liquid supply and no flash gas in front of expansion valve; the air return pipe shall be configured to ensure smooth oil return and pressure loss no more than 2psig. After the air return pipe goes out of the evaporator, an oil return bend shall be added when it rises, and the rising section shall be reduced.

4. The roof of super large cold storage needs to be supported by columns. Saw out the column holes on the bottom plate, and fix the column on the ground with expansion bolts. Drop the steel beam and weld it on the column. If the height needs to be adjusted, add sizing block between steel beam and column. The top plate is placed on the steel beam. And do a good job of sealing between the warehouse plates, and install the decorative parts.
5. When more than two refrigerators are connected in parallel as a system, each refrigerator shall be equipped with a solenoid valve to ensure the uniform liquid supply of each refrigerator.
6. The expansion valve temperature sensing package shall be installed at a horizontal position as close as possible to the return pipe of the evaporator.