How to solve the problem with the refrigeration compressor of the cold storage?

Update:05 Nov 2021

What should I do if there is a problem with the refrige […]

What should I do if there is a problem with the refrigeration compressor of the cold storage?

   1) First check the main circuit. Whether the power supply is powered, whether the voltage is normal, whether the fuse has been blown due to starting overload, whether the air switch has tripped, whether the switch contacts are good, and whether the power supply is lacking phase. Observe the voltmeter and ammeter when starting. When the small-scale refrigeration and cold storage equipment is not equipped with an ammeter or an electric ratio meter, a multimeter or a tester can be used to check the power supply. When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor will not start.

   2) Check the differential pressure relay phase high and low voltage relay. When the compressor oil pressure is abnormal (over a certain value or lower than a certain value), the compressor can be stopped. At the same time, when the compressor discharge pressure (high pressure) and suction pressure (low pressure) are abnormal, neither of them can be started or the compressor will stop running soon after it has been started.

  3) Check whether the amount of chilled water, cooling water, and water temperature are normal. If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, it will cause the condensing pressure to rise sharply and the evaporation temperature to drop rapidly. Due to the action of the unit protection facilities, the unit often shuts down quickly.

  4) The working fluid in the temperature sensing bulb of the temperature relay is leaking, or the adjustment is wrong.

  5) For the piston cold storage refrigeration compressor, whether the large-end bearing bush and the curved sleeve of the connecting rod are caught in the shaft. These may be caused by the excessively high exhaust temperature during the previous operation, or it may be caused by the coking of the lubricating oil, which causes the cylinder and the piston to stick together, which prevents the compressor from starting.

  6) Check whether the relevant solenoid valves and regulating valves are malfunctioning, and whether they are opened or closed as required.

  The above reasons often cause the refrigeration compressor of the cold storage to fail to start, or to start up for a few minutes, or stop soon after ten minutes.