How to manage Cooling Room

Update:08 Dec 2017

Cooling room is the main component of food refrigeratio […]

Cooling room is the main component of food refrigeration processing enterprises, responsible for perishable food processing and storage tasks, play to promote agricultural and fishery production, seasonal market supply and demand swap, with the completion of the export mission. Cold storage complex structure, strong technical, cold storage use, maintenance, management, we must strictly follow the scientific work, and earnestly implement the relevant standards and regulations, so that safety, health, low consumption. In the use of the same time, we must do a good job of routine maintenance and repair work, and effectively achieve good use and management of cold storage.

Enterprises must be equipped with specially-trained and trained management personnel and technical personnel at all levels who have specialized education and training and have professional knowledge of cold storage, processing, refrigeration, electrical appliances, health inspection, production experience and organizational capabilities in accordance with the relevant provisions. There are a certain number of technicians, assistant engineers, Engineers, senior engineers responsible for cold storage production, technology, management, research work.

The use of the library should be based on design requirements, give full play to the freezing, refrigerating capacity, to ensure safety in production and product quality, conservation of cold storage building structure. Treasury management to set up a special group, the responsibility to implement people, every library door, every piece of equipment and tools, have someone responsible.