How to Maintain Condensing Unit

Update:31 May 2017

In the refrigeration system of industrial chiller, comp […]

In the refrigeration system of industrial chiller, compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttle device are the essential four parts. The condensing unit belongs to exothermic equipment, which transfer the heat absorbed by evaporator and the heat transformed by compressor to cooling medium to take away. It plays an important role in refrigeration system. Once its performance declines, it will directly affect the refrigeration capacity of the chiller. In order not to reduce the performance of the condenser, the condenser should be regularly maintained.

The condensers used in small refrigeration equipment are mainly air-cooled condenser and water-cooled condenser. According to different types of condensers, the way to clean is also different. Here are two commonly used condenser maintenance methods:

1. Air cooled condenser uses air as the cooling medium. Because there is dust in the air, dust will attach to the outer surface of the fins of the condenser, after a long time, the cooling effect of the condenser will decrease, especially in bad environment. Therefore the condenser should be regularly cleaned. Cleaning method: simple dust can use compressor air to clean, if with more trash, use non corrosive cleaning agent too clean tube and fin, to achieve the purpose of improving heat dissipation effect.

2, For water-cooled condenser, mainly to clear the incrustation. Cleaning frequency depends on water quality, poor quality water (mountain river, deep phreatic water) shall be washed at least once a year; good quality water can be washed once in 2~3years.

Use acid to wash small water cooled chillers equipped with a tube type water cooled condenser. Specific methods are: remove the condenser, discharge water, and then inject 10% dilute sulfuric acid solution until the water outlet flows out of solution. After staying 20~30min in the condenser, the dilute sulfuric acid can be released. So repeat two or three times. Finally, install connecting pipe of cooling water pipe and condenser, open cooling water valve to flush 10~20min.