How to judge the quality of a chiller

Update:29 Jun 2019

More and more companies are paying close attention to p […]

More and more companies are paying close attention to product quality when choosing chillers. The poor quality directly affects the production of the company, but the quality is not something that everyone can see. As a person who does not understand the product, it is often tempted by the appearance of the equipment. However, in order to make more profits, many enterprises will replenish the internal configuration of the chiller to sell it, which will ultimately affect the normal production of the enterprise. So, how to judge the quality of the chiller?

Xiaobian is engaged in the research and development of chillers for more than 20 years. Here are some specific judgment methods for the cooling effect of chillers. I hope to help you:

1. Long service life: The service life of the chiller is generally around 20 years. Below this life, the product technology and quality are not good enough. Good quality chillers will not cause any failure even after many years of use. Of course, the user must also perform regular maintenance and maintenance to extend the service life of the equipment.

 2. Whether the use is simple, no personnel on-site duty: With the development of technology, the chiller can realize remote monitoring, fully automatic operation, no need for personnel on-site operation and 24-hour on-site duty, whether the chiller has this function is also very important, because Now the cost of personnel is getting higher and higher, which can greatly reduce the cost of labor for enterprises.

3. Whether energy saving: chiller power or electricity consumption is relatively large, generally large enterprises use electricity, energy efficiency ratio or the same cooling capacity is less of a concern for enterprises, less energy can save business costs, improve The market competitiveness of products. Therefore, we must buy energy-saving chillers, whether energy saving is an important indicator of the cooling effect of chillers.

4. Is there a frequent failure: the chiller is used well, first of all, see if there is a frequent failure, and the failure often has a negative impact on production, indicating that the quality of the chiller is problematic. When purchasing, try to buy products with certain brands. In the local customer quantity and usage, it is best to have a domestic after-sales service organization.