How to Improve the Utilization of Cooling Room

Update:05 Jan 2018

In order to increase the utilization of cooling room, v […]

In order to increase the utilization of cooling room, various factors should be properly queued in accordance with the importance, and space efficiency must also be improved. It is important to divide the various factors according to their relative importance, to know which factors are generic and which are important.

In improving space utilization at the same time to prevent additional handling costs, metaphor, said mixing of materials, often double the efficiency will be reduced. If quick access to the warehouse is a goal, do not design the channel as an absolute minimum size. Sometimes adding a little extra width to the storage area or to the driveway reduces the overall cycle time and increases productivity. The ability to meet operations in a shorter period of time can be a major factor in warehouse layout.

In the full use of space based on the layout of the warehouse, we must recognize the balance and set priorities. Warehouse storage is three-dimensional, not flat. So make the most of your warehouse's height or try for a higher building. The more you make the most of your space, the more volume you are using and the lower the storage cost per unit volume. If you can not stack pallets to two or more levels, consider storing each pallet unit separately. To avoid the emergence of invalid space. The use of shelves will increase space utilization by up to 50% and protect cargo units. Loft shelves are available for small items, doubling the available space. Although the cost of loft-style shelves higher, but as a device will be quickly tax credit and depreciation. The high circulation rate of goods on the lower floor, low circulation on the high floor.

Take full advantage of space can also be used to reduce the width of the channel approach. However, the resulting increase in handling equipment costs also needs to be considered. In addition to the width of the channel, the layout of the channel has a great impact on the utilization of warehouse space. The same channel width, the same plant, take different channel settings, in the space utilization is very different. Mainly pay attention to the orientation of the warehouse to open the door. At the same time to maintain the balance between space utilization and ease of operation.

In summary, to improve the utilization of cooling room, is to consider the operational factors based on the increase of space utilization, at the same time should work with a balance of convenience.