How to determine the type of cold storage compressor

Update:24 Sep 2021

The cold storage compressor is one of the important par […]

The cold storage compressor is one of the important parts of the cold storage equipment, and the scientific and reasonable selection of the cold storage compressor is of great significance to the construction of the cold storage. So let me introduce how to choose refrigeration compressors scientifically and reasonably.

When choosing a cold storage compressor, it should be determined according to the size of the cold storage capacity and the type of refrigerant used in the cold storage refrigeration system. Let's introduce the specific method of determination. Because the manufacturing technology of piston cold storage compressors is relatively mature, piston cold storage compressors are often used in small and medium-sized cold storage construction projects. The screw-type cold storage compressors have the advantages of large cold production capacity and few vulnerable parts, which are generally used in large-scale cold applications. The high-temperature fruit and vegetable cold storage generally uses scroll type cold storage compressors.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to consider comprehensively before determining the type of cold storage compressor, and a single condition cannot be used blindly to select and match.