How to design a more special chiller system for fermenter

Update:16 Sep 2019

A large amount of constant temperature chilled water is […]

A large amount of constant temperature chilled water is needed during the use of the fermenter. The company will control the constant temperature chilled water required for the fermenter by using the chiller chilled water circulation system to ensure the normal production of the fermenter. However, the conventional chiller chilled water circulation system not only has high operating cost, but also has a complicated system and is inconvenient to operate, which brings a large amount of expenditure to the enterprise. So, how can the fermenter-specific chiller system be designed to be more energy-efficient? Let's take a look at the introduction of the stellar series.

 How can the special chiller system of the fermenter be designed to be more energy-efficient? Xiaobian recently approached the design of a chemical plant refrigeration system, and designed 3 chillers from the perspective of safety, reliability and energy saving, and automatically adjusted according to the change in production demand. The operation is safer, more reliable and more energy efficient. In addition, the three chillers have good mutual backup. When one unit fails, the other units can operate normally and the system will be safer.

At the same time, we adopted the self-developed circulating cooling automation control system V2.0 in the system design, which can realize one-button start-stop and automatic start-stop function. The operation is very convenient and does not require professional technicians to operate and manage. It also adopts advanced IoT technology, which can realize remote monitoring of mobile APP, and understand the operation of chillers and systems at any time and anywhere. It does not require personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day, which greatly reduces personnel.

At present, the special chiller for fermenter and the whole chilled water circulation system are very stable and fully meet the production requirements, which provides a strong guarantee for the production of this year and beyond, and the system is very energy-efficient, no need for professional technicians to operate and manage, no need for 24 hours. The personnel are on duty at the scene, without any increase in personnel costs, and the annual personnel cost is saved at least 300,000 yuan, effectively improving the competitiveness of the company in terms of duration.