How to deal with common system problems of air cooled chillers

Update:23 Mar 2019

Usually, after using the air-cooled chiller for a long […]

Usually, after using the air-cooled chiller for a long time, the company is prone to various failures due to the lack of necessary maintenance and maintenance. In the face of the occurrence of faults, enterprises need to conduct detailed inspections on the operation status of each component of the equipment in a timely manner. For the refrigeration system, electrical system, wind system, and water system, it is necessary to carry out key tests to determine whether their operations are normal. So, how do you deal with the common system problems of air-cooled chillers?
1. Refrigeration system: check whether the pipelines of the air-cooled chiller have cracks, damage, frost and condensation; air-cooled chillers have cooling pipelines, pipelines and casings, etc. No collision, especially in the welding of refrigerant pipelines, there is no leakage at the joint of the air-cooled chiller, but any oil leaks at the leaking place. You can also clean the pipe joints and joints with a clean soft cloth and soft paper. At the junction, investigate whether there is oil pollution to determine whether there is a leak.
2. Electrical system: Check whether the electrical system fuse of the air-cooled chiller is blown, whether the insulation of the electrical wire is intact, whether the circuit board is cracked, and whether there is looseness at the joint. In particular, the electrical connection is not a good touch, and the wiring screws and the connectors are easily released to form a bad touch.
3. Ventilation system: check whether the air filter, heat exchanger coil and fin of air-cooled chiller are excessively dusty; whether the air inlet and outlet are dredging; whether the fan and fan blade work is normal; Whether the size is normal, the water system is not normal, etc.
4. Water system: Check whether the water system of the air-cooled chiller is leaking; whether the water inlet and outlet are dredging; whether the pump is working properly. Listening to the power-on and listening to the sound of the compressor of the air-cooled chiller is normal, whether there is abnormal sound, the fan, the pump work with or without noise, the noise is not too large. The air-cooled chiller is under vibration and has low noise under normal conditions.