How to choose the special chiller model in the production process of the beverage factory

Update:21 Sep 2019

Beverages are packaged for direct drinking or water-bas […]

Beverages are packaged for direct drinking or water-based or brewed in a certain proportion. People often use it to quench their thirst, provide nutrition or refresh. For beverage manufacturers, the finished beverages need to ensure that the juice is clear and transparent without serious browning, the fruit is sweet and sour, and the product is stored for half a month without obvious turbid sedimentation. Most beverage manufacturers choose to use chillers to provide low temperature freezing. Water to ensure, then, how to choose the chiller model in the production process of the beverage factory? Let's take a look at the introduction of the stellar series.

Beverage plant special chiller selection

 How to choose the chiller model in the production process of the beverage factory?

The temperature in the production process of the beverage factory cannot be guaranteed, which will cause a great waste. In severe cases, qualitative changes will occur, resulting in the production of not the desired substance. If the cooling capacity of the beverage factory is large in the production process, it will directly lead to high operation and investment costs. On the contrary, if the cooling capacity is small, the customer's demand will not be satisfied, and if it is serious, the temperature will not fall down and the beverage will be made. The material in the production process is “deteriorated”.

The chiller can automatically provide stable constant temperature chilled water according to the load change, which can fully guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product. We only need to calculate the amount of cold required during the use of the edible fungus, and choose the appropriate chiller. Because the demand for cooling in the beverage production process changes greatly, it is recommended not to choose a large cooling capacity chiller when selecting a dedicated chiller for the beverage factory. If more than 2 units are selected, the operating cost will be relatively low.

At the same time, the problems in system design can not be ignored. The design of the double-circulating water system is adopted, in which a high-temperature and low-temperature partition heat-insulating water tank is designed, and the water is pumped from the high-temperature zone to the low-temperature water tank after being cooled by the low-temperature chiller, and the process water pumping water from the low temperature zone of the water tank to the water point and then returning to the high temperature zone. In this way, the system is also safer, more reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The operating efficiency is about 20% higher than that of the same type of beverage manufacturer, which can effectively enhance the company's market competitiveness.