How to choose the refrigeration system in the cold storage?

Update:15 Feb 2020

The refrigeration system is the core of the cold storag […]

The refrigeration system is the core of the cold storage. The main choice of the refrigeration system is compressor and evaporator.
When choosing compressor, there will be small refrigerator, medium refrigerator and large refrigerator
Semi closed compressor is selected for small cold storage, semi closed compressor for medium cold storage and semi closed compressor for large cold storage (ammonia refrigeration compressor is recommended);
Selection of evaporator for cold storage design
The high temperature cold storage uses the cold fan as the evaporator, the advantages are: the cooling speed is fast, the disadvantages are: it is easy to cause the water loss of the cold collection;
The evaporation exhaust pipe made of seamless steel tube is selected for the medium and low temperature cold storage, with the advantages of good constant temperature effect and timely cold storage.