How to choose the cold storage installation company

Update:18 Feb 2021

How to choose the cold storage installation company Col […]

How to choose the cold storage installation company

Cold storage installation company
Countless, there is a mixed state.
Among them, there are many excellent cold storage installation companies, but there are also some unscrupulous businesses cheating and cheating consumers.
Many customers are not careful enough when choosing the cold storage installation company. After the cold storage installation is completed, problems occur frequently, and after-sales service can not be found, so they have to suffer a dull loss.
So today I will stand in the perspective of customers, to teach you how to choose the cold storage installation company.

1. Qualification of the company
Needless to say, before choosing, you must have a certain understanding of the qualification of the cold storage installation company. Choosing a regular enterprise is not to say that small cold storage builders are not good,
Generally speaking, the technology, qualification, strength and after-sales speed of large companies are better than those of small companies.
2. Technology of the company
Fu, who has been a teacher for 20 years, and his young apprentice who just came out of the mountain, are definitely different in their level. They should try their best to choose companies with better technology. The cold storage is not finished when the equipment is installed. There are many ways,
Before you look for refrigeration companies, you must consult their relevant information. Learn about the technical level of the company.

3. After sales of the company
After sales in the cold storage industry is very important. Cold storage is different from other products. Cold storage is generally used to store goods, such as frozen meat, fruits, fresh-keeping and so on,
If the after-sale service of the cold storage is not in time, the loss will be incalculable. Therefore, we must be very careful about the after-sales of refrigerators. There is no cold storage installation company with after-sales service or poor after-sales service, isn't it
I don't suggest that we choose. We just can't choose at all.
At present, the cold storage construction industry is rising rapidly, many unscrupulous businessmen want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit, we must be clear in the choice.