How to Choose Size of Condensation Unit

Update:12 Sep 2017

In this article, you can see what it is, what it is, wh […]

In this article, you can see what it is, what it is, what is the benefit of condensing the unit. Now, let's explain the points that need to be considered at that time to determine which CU is best suited for each type of application.

Studying and analyzing the available space is a very important point in selecting the condensing unit. Many CUs are based on metal plates or "railways", although the goal is always to pursue standardization, but its size is not standard in all cases.

Another focus of the physical space is the compressor's home. Different home compressors have different heights, so you should be careful not to be a problem when assembling.

The condensing unit needs to be selected according to the application, such as a freezer and a beverage refrigerator. One of the main items is the desired evaporation temperature in the cooling system, depending on the "scope of application" that the compressor is approved and ready for operation.

Each compressor, so the evaporation range of each condensing unit is different. Therefore, when selecting CU, always check the compressor evaporation range. Can be evaluated by technical data sheet. Here you can select the product and check this important information.

The starting torque is also analyzed. In systems where expansion valves are used, care must be taken if the compressor has a high starting torque in the condensing unit.

For example, compressors with low starting torque should only be used in systems with capillary, while compressors with high starting torques can be used in expansion valves and capillaries.