How to choose industrial water chiller?

Update:11 May 2017

What parameters should be paid attention to in the purc […]

What parameters should be paid attention to in the purchasing of industrial chillers? What are the operating parameters of industrial chillers?


The main function of the industrial water chiller is to provide cooling water for the equipment of various industries. After the installation, it is important to learn to read its operation parameters.

Voltage:The power supply voltage must be consistent with the electric voltage of the equipment, which will affect the safe operation of the chiller.

Current: There are nameplate current and operating current of the industrial chiller.

Power: The operating power consumption of the water chiller.

Temperature: including evaporation temperature, condensing temperature, compressor suction temperature, compressor exhausting temperature, overcooling temperature of the refrigerant in the throttle valve, compressor oil temperature in crankcase, cooling water temperature, chilled water temperature, etc.


Pressure: evaporation pressure, condensing temperature, middle pressure, cooling water pressure, chilled water pressure, lubricating oil pressure, etc.

Flow: refrigerant flow, cooling water flow, chilled water flow, etc.

Liquid level: oil level in crankcase and refrigerant level.