How to Choose China Cold Room Manufacturer

Update:21 Jun 2017

Do cold room manufacturer build in safety compliance as […]

Do cold room manufacturer build in safety compliance as standard? Having a cold room is about a lot more than keeping food chilled - it is an essential part of keeping your business compliant with food safety regulations (e.g. 2006 HACCP regulations). You also want to be sure that personnel using the room will not be accidentally trapped inside. Manufacturers who build in compliance features such as monitoring, recording and user safety features as standard should be top of your list.

Have they paid attention to everyday ease of use? The best manufacturers pay as much attention to how the room will be used day to day as they do to the insulation and refrigeration system. Look for good shelving design which makes it easy to get stock in and out, to move stock around inside for stock rotation and to keep clean easily. Also look for easy to use control panels and monitoring systems allowing you to see at a glance that everything is running correctly and that correct temperatures are being maintained. It is also helpful to be able to link the control unit to a PC and to your own alarm system if desired. If you use trolleys as part of your operation, ensure that trolley access is possible and that you will have the choice of a floorless room if you prefer.

Do they provide a complete site survey and installation service? Installing a cold room is something which needs to be done right first time. Look for manufacturers who will assist you in choosing the correct product for your site, and who will visit your site to check for any problems prior to installation. This is the best way to ensure you have the right solution for your needs and which is suitable for your site. It also means you get a turnkey solution which is ready to use as soon as it is installed.

Zhaoxing is one of the largest cold storage manufacturers in China and offers a range of refrigerators for customers around the world. The snowmaking room includes a range of innovative design features, including a unique 4-story shelf system and anti-damage function. All installations include on-site surveys and extensive network of engineers for installation and ongoing maintenance.