How to choose a small Water Chillers

Update:10 May 2021

The Industrial Chillers has been widely used in industr […]

The Industrial Chillers has been widely used in industrial production. It pays dividends according to demand. Other varieties. Small chillers are one of these. The chiller is mainly used for cooling materials, so what is it through How does it work?
Everyone knows that the reason why refrigerators and air conditioners can be cooled is due to freon. However, if freon is used in industrial production, it will not only be costly, but will also cause huge pollution to the environment. Originally, the working principle of chillers is very simple, and only water is required. A kind of game, water is a very magical game. It can take away a lot of heat when rolling, and evaporation will also reduce the temperature of the periphery. The freezer uses this principle, and the water flows in the machine. The temperature is lowered first, but it often does not drop below zero, otherwise the water will freeze. The machine will not operate normally, and the low-temperature water will flow to the object that needs to be cooled to reach the cooling effect.
The small chiller is primarily a setting used to implement cooling applications. Not only is the range of use relatively wide, but the cooling effect is often obvious. If the intention is to maximize the use effect of the small chiller, then it is in the procurement Time must be paid special attention to others, and the appropriate model may be used for comparison.
Initially, it is necessary to clarify the situation of the models. Since the venues used are different, the models are determined to be different. It is recommended that everyone adopt them according to the actual situation.
The second is to pay attention to its material. The current market has many materials, such as stainless steel, copper pipes, etc., and the effect of the use of materials is also different. It is recommended that you carefully consider the corresponding materials to avoid becoming unfavorable. Necessary troubles and losses. One of the most important problems in purchasing a wire drawing machine is energy saving. If the machine is not energy efficient, then the energy consumption must be relatively large, and the long-term use will cause a large loss.

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Two Stage Screw Type Industrial Water Chiller

Two Stage Screw Type Industrial Water Chiller

Main Parts:

Compressor, high/low pressure controller, condenser, dry filter, expansion valves, freeze protection switch, evaporator, water pump, water tank, float switch, ball valves, electric motor, fan, etc.