How to choose a screw chiller

Update:22 Dec 2018

First, we should know that the screw chiller is a large […]

First, we should know that the screw chiller is a large industrial refrigeration equipment. Widely used in central air conditioning and large industrial refrigeration. It plays an important role in cooling, cooling and cooling. Water circulation is used to save water resources. Cool the unit directly with cold water. The temperature of industrial equipment does not rise. Constant equipment low temperature condition.
1. The selection of screw chillers should be based on the cold load and what to use. For refrigeration systems with long operating conditions with low load operation, it is suitable to select multi-head piston compressor unit or screw compressor unit for easy conditioning and energy saving. This is the double-head screw chiller that we often say. The change of the load, the screw chiller automatically determines the number of starting, the compressor is in the best working state, thus saving energy.
2. When using a screw chiller, priority is given to units with higher coefficient of performance. According to previous statistics, the normal screw chiller operating time under 100% load is about 1/4 of the running time. The operating time ratios of 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% load in the sub-run time are approximately 2.3%, 41.5%, 46.1%, and 10.1%. Therefore, when selecting a chiller, the screw chiller model with a relatively flat efficiency curve should be given priority. At the same time, the adjustment range of the chiller load should be considered in the design selection. The multi-head screw chiller has excellent partial load performance, and the screw chiller can be selected according to the actual situation of the factory.
3. When using a screw chiller, you should pay attention to the conditions of the nominal working condition. The actual cooling capacity of the chiller is related to the following two points: a, cold water outlet temperature and flow rate; b, cooling water inlet water temperature, flow rate and fouling coefficient.
4. When selecting a screw chiller, attention should be paid to the normal working range of the screw chiller of this type, mainly because the current limit of the motor is the current value of the shaft power under surface conditions.
5. When designing the screw chiller, it should be noted that under the nominal working condition, the outlet temperature of cold water should not exceed 15 °C, and the outdoor dry bulb temperature of the air-cooled unit should not exceed 43 °C. If it is necessary to pass the above categories, it is sufficient to understand whether the power of the motor is sufficient if the scope of use of the compressor is acceptable.
How to correctly choose the chiller refrigeration system according to the processing technology? In the process of chiller selection and matching, the whole machine power, temperature difference, flow rate and cooling capacity are all necessary factors to be considered. If the design and improper selection of the chiller control system are selected, not only can the efficiency of the product be improved, the defect rate and product quality can be stably reduced, and the control of automation of other devices causes unnecessary trouble.