How to build a cold storage that suits your needs

Update:21 Jul 2021

The price of cold storage is not calculated on the basi […]

The price of cold storage is not calculated on the basis of one square meter/one cubic meter. why? For example, the market price of a 20 cubic meter cold storage is generally 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, and it is estimated to be 14 to 2,000 yuan per cubic meter. If you calculate according to the amount of one cubic meter, you need one hundred and forty to two million yuan to build a 1,000 cubic meter cold storage. Obviously, the price is scary. Why can't the potato cold storage be calculated on the basis of how much money per square, per cubic meter? Complete potato cold storage and quality-guaranteed cold storage cannot be calculated per cubic meter of crude rate, and site surveys are still required.

Factors affecting the price of potato cold storage:

1. The surrounding environment of the potato cold storage installation area will directly cause the selection and quantity of potato cold storage materials.

2. Insulation systems generally use polyurethane insulation boards or on-site spraying, and choose different thicknesses according to different temperatures. The price of the insulation system is a relatively large part of the cost of the cold storage.

3. The larger the cold storage volume, the higher the price. The more refrigerating capacity and insulation materials are required, but the price per unit area of ​​small cold storage is relatively low.

4. Refrigeration equipment brands are also very different. Generally, the refrigeration equipment brands selected for customers are internationally renowned brands. This type of brand is relatively cost-effective, but the market is also full of some high imitation, miscellaneous, and refurbished machines. Please keep your eyes open. The price of brand refrigeration equipment is basically transparent, and the cost price is too low. It is basically high imitation. Non-brand, refurbished machines, this kind of refrigeration equipment will encounter poor refrigeration effect, high failure rate, and short service life during use.

5. For potato cold storage with the same volume, the number of partitions is different, and the refrigeration equipment configuration plan is different.

6. The use of the cold storage is different. The design plan is different. It needs to be designed according to the actual use. For example, if you store chemical materials, you should need a chemical explosion-proof library. If it is a medical library, it should meet the gsp drug management standard.

After reading the detailed introduction mentioned above, you probably have a general idea of ​​the composition of the cold storage price. In order to avoid problems in the later stage, it is recommended that you do not simply ask how much the cold storage is when you have the need for cold storage. Call us to investigate your site and let us understand your thoughts. Only in this way can the cost we give you be accurate, and you also have a good idea of ​​where your money is spent.