Fresh-keeping cold storage installation

Update:04 Nov 2020

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Cold storage
Where to choose the warehouse location
According to the type of use, cold storage can be divided into distribution cold storage, retail cold storage, and production

These three kinds of cold storage.

The production cold storage is built in the production area with relatively dense supply, and factors such as convenient transportation and market connection must also be considered. Keep fresh and cold

The warehouse is recommended to be built in a cool place without sunlight, and small cold storage is recommended to be installed indoors.

Fresh keeping
There should be good drainage conditions around the cold storage. The underground water level should be low. It is suggested that there should be a partition layer under the cold storage,
It is very important for cold storage to keep well ventilated and dry.
In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, three-phase electricity with corresponding capacity should be set up in advance according to the power of the refrigerator
If the cold storage is water-cooled, the water pipe should be laid and the cooling tower should be built. According to the environmental conditions, the floor of the assembly depot should be dry, flat and smooth
Hard solid, the ground surface is generally concrete, but also can be used as a triad. The floor surface shall be leveled with a level. The concave part shall be leveled with cement mortar. The cold storage should have proper drainage facilities.
If it is installed outdoors, the user must set up a canopy to ensure that the warehouse is not affected by the weather and environment. The storehouse door should be away from the wind direction and away from pollution
Source. The floor elevation should be higher than the surrounding ground to prevent water from entering the cold storage in rainy days and other bad weather. When installed indoors, the indoor net height should be at least 0.5m higher than the upper surface of the roof.
If the unit is located on the roof of the warehouse, the net height of the room should be 1.8m higher than the upper surface of the roof
2、 The capacity of cold storage needs to be designed according to the peak value of products to be stored all year round.
This peak value is determined by the volume of stored products in the cold storage,
Add the aisle between the rows, the space between the pile and the wall and ceiling, as well as the gap between the packaging and so on.
After the capacity of the cold storage is determined, the length, width and height of the cold storage are determined. In the design of cold storage, necessary ancillary buildings and facilities should be considered, such as workshop, packing and finishing room, tool warehouse and loading and unloading platform.