Four factors affecting the price of cold storage

Update:24 Sep 2020

1. Size of cold storageGenerally speaking, the larger t […]

1. Size of cold storage
Generally speaking, the larger the cold storage, the greater the requirements for materials and technology. The price is certainly not calculated by the multiple of the volume of small cold storage. Because the preliminary work of large cold storage must be done well, a small problem may involve problems in many places.
Sometimes the price of a small cold storage may be the price of some equipment. Therefore, the bigger the cold storage, the more expensive it is, but the bigger the cold storage is, the less cheap it can be!
2. Cold storage unit
There are many brands of refrigeration units, and the prices of different brands are of course different. The price with good brand quality will certainly be higher. Some customers want to save money on this, but the larger the cold storage, the less they can save on equipment,
The choice of equipment directly affects the life of cold storage. And in terms of economy, it saves money in the near future, but in fact, we also need to consider the power consumption of equipment. In the long run, the energy waste caused by the long-term use of inferior equipment can not be ignored.
The equipment of cold storage is the heart of cold storage. If the core is selected well, it will bring us unexpected effect in the future.
3. Problems in cold storage temperature
Different temperatures require different configurations. Cold storage can be divided into high, medium and low temperatures. Generally, the lower the temperature is, the higher the price will be. There is a great relationship between the temperature of cold storage and the quality of cold storage plate
There will be a big difference.

4. Selection of cold storage materials
   First, there are many kinds of cold storage boards
   1. Color steel plate: it has strong rust resistance and no anti-corrosion ability
   2. Stainless steel plate: high quality anti rust and anti-corrosion material
  3. Salinized steel: it has beautiful appearance and certain anti-corrosion and anti rust ability.
  4. Polyurethane board is a kind of polyurethane sandwich board which is made of Pu or composed of PU and color steel plate.
For different cold storage materials, the price and effect are not the same, we must choose the suitable cold storage materials in the process of cold storage construction.

5. Selection of cold storage construction company
If you choose a small company, the price will be relatively low, but the economic strength of a small company will certainly not be comparable to that of a large company. Many installation workers in small companies have not received professional training. Even some small companies are looking for workers on the spot. This kind of cold storage manufacturer can't choose without full assurance. For some irresponsible small companies, after the cold storage construction is completed, the after-sales service is of poor quality or even no after-sales service. By that time, it will be too late. Therefore, if you want to find a cold storage construction company, you must find a big company. Not only is the technology, quality and guarantee guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is timely.

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