Evaporative condenser principle

Update:08 Mar 2018

     Evaporative condenser water-cooled condenser and c […]

     Evaporative condenser water-cooled condenser and cooling tower separate condensation process and water cooling process into one, it is the use of cooling water in the heat exchanger surface is distributed into a film, the water film and the forced flow of air in direct contact, The material will be cooled by heat transfer to the water film, water film occurs unsaturated evaporation and air heat and mass exchange and transfer, and finally by the air away the heat process. It is the traditional way to improve the cooling two ways: First, subtract the cooling water from the condenser to the cooling tower transfer process, the direct realization of water reuse, saving pump power consumption; the second is to change the single-phase cooling fluid with sensible temperature Rise to cool the material way, the main latent heat of water to take away heat.