Dual temperature cold storage installation

Update:14 Dec 2020

Temperature of dual temperature freezer: the temperatur […]

Temperature of dual temperature freezer: the temperature of dual temperature freezer is generally from - 0 ° C to - 5 ° C and from - 5 ° C to - 18 ° C.
Why should double temperature cold storage be constructed?What is the advantage of double temperature cold storage?Explain the application of the two temperature freezer in detail for everyone, let you stop curving when you choose the type of freezer installation.
Dual temperature freezers are, as the name implies, a freezer with two temperatures broken at suitable locations for the freezer, where different units can be placed to allow the freezers to reach different temperatures as a way to accommodate different freezer usage needs.
So, people's great concern, that is, the cost of cold storage, the cost of double temperature cold storage, is more affordable than the cost of independently installing two cold storage.Of these, the basic could save a certain amount of library board expense and also reduce the footprint.
Even more affordable is the possibility of having only one unit installed in a freezer library.Put a fan on the wall surface so that the cold storage of preservation eliminates the cost of sets and uses heat transfer principles so that the preservation bank reaches the appropriate temperature.

Application range of dual temperature cold storage
When do we need to use dual-temperature cold storage, for example, some large hotels usually store daily food, including fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and other goods, but the storage temperature of fruits and vegetables and fresh meat is different. How to save the cost of cold storage installation as much as possible while still
To store two kinds of goods at the same time, then a dual-temperature cold storage is needed at this time. There are many similar situations. The daily catering industry, agricultural and sideline industry and other industries may use dual-temperature cold storage.

Features of dual temperature cold storage
1. Unit: The refrigeration unit uses one centralized cooling, which reduces operating costs and has fewer failures.

2. Evaporator: Efficient ceiling evaporator or pipe
3. Control system: Adopt advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control method, LCD display temperature in the library, start time, tank time, fan delay time, alarm indication and various technical parameters. The operation is simple, and the user is very convenient to use.
4. Warehouse board: Yiming adopts high-quality double-sided color steel polyurethane cold storage board, which covers a small area and has good insulation performance; the warehouse board thickness is generally 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, polyurethane insulation material, and both sides are plastic coated color steel plates. The color steel plate surface is processed into an invisible groove, which has light weight, high strength, good heat insulation performance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The warehouse board is simple and quick to assemble, and it is the material of choice for cold storage insulation.
5. Installation process: Advanced construction machinery, advanced installation process, and strict quality assurance management ensure that the product is checked at every level of production, so that user requirements become reality.
6. Specialty: The external dimensions of the cold storage, the storage temperature, the location of the unit, the opening of the storage door, the layout of the storage, etc., all of which can be designed and customized according to the specific requirements of the user to meet the needs of the user.

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