Do more to reduce the operating cost of the chiller

Update:19 Jul 2019

The power consumption of the chiller is very large, whi […]

The power consumption of the chiller is very large, which directly affects the production cost of the enterprise and the competitiveness of the product in the market. If properly handled during use, it will greatly improve the operating efficiency, reduce the operating cost, and increase the service life of the unit. The outdoor temperature is rising, and the peak period of use of chillers is coming. How to reduce the operating cost of the chiller? Let's take a look at the recommendations of the stellar century editor.

1. Provide a good electricity environment: In order to reduce the energy consumption of the chiller, it is first necessary to provide a good power environment for the chiller. It can provide safe voltage use conditions for chillers, which is the basic condition for reducing the energy consumption of chillers. The suitable voltage environment can effectively reduce the energy consumption of chillers.
 2, condensing temperature: the lower the condensing temperature of the summer chiller, the higher the operating efficiency, the normal condensing temperature is 40 ° C, the chiller efficiency is increased by 3% for every 1 ° C reduction, so pay special attention to whether the cooling water is dirty, whether the condenser is knotted Whether the scale, cooling tower and air-cooled condenser are blocked or the like affects the condensation temperature.

3. Control unit operating conditions: The chiller can automatically adjust the working condition from 25% to 100%. The operating efficiency of the general chiller is 75%. The unit can be set to 75% for a long time. Run below, saving at least 15% of energy.

4. Pay attention to the impact of the outdoor environment on the equipment: Because the environment has a relatively large impact on the normal operation of the chiller, for example, pay attention to the cooling tower and the air-cooled condenser should not be affected by the blocking effect of foreign matter, if it is necessary to clean up in time.

5, regular maintenance: regular maintenance and repair of the chiller, can maintain the stability of the unit, any equipment lack of maintenance and repair, will reduce certain performance.