Different Components of Refrigeration System

Update:10 Jan 2018

The expansion valve is installed at the inlet of the ev […]

The expansion valve is installed at the inlet of the evaporator. The function of the expansion valve is to eject the high temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant from the receiver drier into the small holes of the expansion valve to depressurize and expand the volume, and convert it into a misty refrigerant, in the evaporator endothermic into a gaseous refrigerant, but also according to the size of the cooling load to regulate the flow of refrigerant to ensure that the evaporator at the exit of all the refrigerant into gas.

The role of the compressor is from the evaporator out of the low-temperature, low-pressure gas refrigerant through compression into high-temperature, high-pressure gas refrigerant, and sent to the condenser. The role of the condenser is sent to the compressor high temperature and pressure of gaseous refrigerant into liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant in the condenser heat and change the state occurs. Therefore, the condenser is a heat exchanger, the refrigerant absorbed in the car through the condenser to the heat emitted to the atmosphere.

The liquid storage dryer is used for the expansion valve type refrigeration system cycle, its role is: temporarily store the refrigerant, the refrigerant flow and cooling load to adapt; remove the water and impurities in the refrigerant to ensure the normal operation of the system; part of the liquid storage drying The tank is equipped with an observation glass to observe the flow of the refrigerant and determine the quantity of the refrigerant. Some liquid storage dryers are equipped with fusible plugs. When the system pressure and temperature are too high, the fusible plugs will melt and release the refrigerant to protect System important components are not damaged; there are some liquid storage drying tank installed on the maintenance valve for maintenance of refrigeration system to install pressure gauges and refueling refrigerant; some models of liquid storage drying tank equipped with a pressure switch, the system pressure Abnormal, stop the compressor work.

The accumulator is used in an expansion tube refrigeration system installed in the piping at the evaporator outlet. As the expansion tube can not regulate the flow of refrigerant, so the evaporator out of the refrigerant is not necessarily all gas, there may be some liquid, in order to prevent damage to the compressor, so install the collector at the evaporator outlet, on the one hand the refrigerant The gas-liquid separation, on the other hand, plays the same role as the receiver drier. Refrigerated cold room : chinacoldroom.com