Different Categories of Refrigerated Warehouse

Update:02 Jun 2017

Refrigerated Warehouse is very wide used, so divided by […]

Refrigerated Warehouse is very wide used, so divided by the use. But according to the purpose of the division in the final analysis, or in accordance with the function, that is, by structure and temperature division. According to the capacity of large-scale cold storage capacity of more than 10,000t; medium-cold storage capacity of 1,000 tons of cold storage; cold storage capacity of small cold storage below 1000t.

According to the design temperature of cold storage, divided into high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature and low temperature four categories cold storage. Common cold storage temperature is designed between -2 ℃ and +8 ℃; middle cold storage temperature is designed between -10 ℃ and -23 ℃; low temperature cold storage is generally between -23 ℃ and 30 ℃; The shelf temperature is typically -30 ° C to -80 ° C. Applicable to aquatic products, meat and eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, medicines and other items of frozen, frozen, fresh and other purposes.

According to the library structure category, cold storage can be divided into two categories. Civil building cold storage: the external structure of the civil works through the completion of civil works. The installation cycle is long; due to hot inertia, cold storage temperature by the outside interference is small; for technical reasons, the early cold storage use of this structure. Combination of cold storage: also known as the assembly of cold storage. Maintenance structure using light steel structure, or the library directly installed in the room. Installation cycle is short, cooling speed, beautiful appearance, if necessary, you can also quickly re-assembled after the demolition. At present, even large-scale cold storage, also in this form.