Did you choose the right cold storage board?

Update:02 Mar 2021

To build a cold storage, the selection of cold storage […]

To build a cold storage, the selection of cold storage boards must be cautious. After reading this article, I will teach you how to choose the right cold storage board for you.

Thickness of cold storage board
The thickness of the cold storage board is also very particular. In the high school temperature cold storage, the cold storage board of about ten centimeters is generally selected, and the lower temperature is relatively thicker. If it is not the cold storage board that you have scheduled, then you must pay attention to the density and thickness of the cold storage board when you enter the cold storage board. Speaking of density here, the national standard for cold storage boards is about 39kg per cubic meter, and careful friends can pay attention to it.

Material of cold storage board
What is the best material for the cold storage board? Presumably many people have heard of a kind of cold storage board called polyurethane cold storage board. Lightweight polyurethane is used as the material of cold storage board, which is very suitable, and its characteristic is that it has good heat insulation. Good heat insulation means that lower energy brings higher efficiency, that is, energy saving! So now everyone is using polyurethane cold storage panels. But it should also be noted that some inferior polyurethane cold storage panels are not as good as not being used. You save money here. The energy it wastes and the poor temperature control will allow you to make up for this money. Therefore, when choosing, you must choose carefully.

Merchant's choice
The momentum of the cold storage industry is visible to the naked eye. In the fields of chemical raw materials, pharmacy, scientific research, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, electronic instruments and instruments, mushroom cultivation, etc., the demand in China has soared by 30% every year. Everyone wants to eat this piece of meat, so a large number of unscrupulous merchants flooded the market to deceive consumers. You must not listen to the rhetoric, you must take actual considerations, comprehensive consideration of business reputation, product quality and other aspects before you can make a decision.