Design Details of China Cold Room Project

Update:19 Jul 2017

The panels are prefabricated building parts, filled wit […]

The panels are prefabricated building parts, filled with insulation, both sides of the surface material, and is equipped with a connection plate connection device. In order to keep the panel joints to a minimum, the panel is usually the entire height of the refrigerator, the width of between 1 to 1.2 meters, generally more than 50mm thick.

Connecting brackets, bolts, clips and other forms of fasteners for connecting the insulating plate to the support structure frame. These should carry the maximum total load that may be applied without excessive stress or deformation of the support structure frame or insulation plate.

The steel bracket support panel system shall be designed to avoid excessive stress and movement as defined by the requirements of SANS 10162-2: 1993 or SANS 2001: 2005. The bracket shall be designed so as to avoid damage to the insulation plate and shall be corrosion resistant.

The ceiling support system shall be connected to the main structure in a manner that is taken into account: the method of supporting the insulating ceiling, the position of the support to avoid local excessive stress in the support, the suspended ceiling or the main structure, the main structure of the expansion and contraction.

Non-corrosive hanger components are used to support insulated ceiling panels. It is recommended to use stainless steel, aluminum or hot dip galvanized steel; other materials such as nylon are not suitable. Hanger, sliders, brackets and other supports shall be designed to support the maximum load combination and shall not exceed one third of its ultimate strength.

The components forming the ceiling support may cause moisture to condense and rust, and shall be insulated and sealed.

It is recommended that cold storage should be designed for air distribution without false ceilings, but if these refrigerators are included, they should be supported directly from the main structure.

The height of the wall is usually the case, so care must be taken to ensure that the wall panels are sufficiently stable.

The connection between the insulation wall and the ceiling shall be designed and assembled in such a way as to ensure the integrity of the interconnection.

Exposure to different metals such as steel and aluminum can cause accelerated corrosion due to electrochemical effects and should be avoided.

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